What I Do

DEI and CSR is no longer a nice to have for companies and businesses — it is crucial to the success of an organization.

The difference in my DEI and CSR services is the commitment to combining these categories into a singular focus and putting real discussions that increase the overall consciousness of the organization at the center of what I do. 

Leading with Compassion, Courage & Authenticity

Leading with Courage, Compassion and authenticity is a 3-month Corporate Social Responsibility Action and Accountability Program with Diversity Equity and Inclusion as a focal point. There is also a 2-hour introductory evaluation program.

Part 1: Compassion: Moderated Discussion / Exploratory

This portion of the program is performed separately with stakeholders at every level of the organization, i.e. executive team, management and staff. This guided discussion is used to discover the readiness and desire of the organization in regards to Diversity Equity and Inclusion and/or Corporate Social Responsibility as a practice. This portion includes colleagues from different communities and diverse backgrounds in the discussion to provide alternative perspectives and guidance. Deciding to allow the perspectives of others to guide your actions requires true compassion. Outcome: DEI / CSR Discovery Document

Part 2: Courage: Joint Discussion / Optimization / Strategy
This portion of the program is a second discussion which introduces the learnings (Discovery Document) from “Part 1” as the discussion guide. This discussion provides an opportunity to evaluate the learnings and use them to create a strategic outline of proposed sustained actions to take that fit the overall mission of the organization. Deciding to do something that is about the impact that it will have on others more than yourself requires great courage Outcome: DEI / CSR Strategy Playbook
Part 3: Authenticity: Project / Customized Action

This portion of the program is a third discussion used to identify key individuals to lead the execution of the Strategy Playbook and discuss the feasibility and accountability mechanisms for the organization. When you show up authentically it shows people you have good intentions and you are showing up for the right reasons. Outcome: DEI / CSR Customized Action Plan

In partnership with Sister Cities Project a nonprofit organization that partners affluent communities with underserved communities across the country, all action plans will be in conjunction with the communities and partners in their network.

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Consulting with Compassion, Courage, and Authenticity: Empowering Organizations for DEI

My consulting services embody compassion, courage, and authenticity, enabling organizations to drive transformative change in diversity, equity, and inclusion. I offer personalized solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs, fostering an inclusive environment where diversity thrives. Our sought-after consulting points include:

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Speaking with Compassion, Courage, and Authenticity: Igniting Transformative Conversations

Compassion, courage, and authenticity are at the heart of my speaking style. As business owners grapple with driving change and fostering growth in diversity, I meet them where they are, igniting transformative conversations. With a raw and engaging approach, I empower them to take action, challenging conventional thinking and cultivating real change. Together, let’s unleash the power of compassion and courage to drive meaningful transformation and unlock the full potential of diversity.

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Together, let’s unleash the power of compassion, courage, and authenticity to ignite meaningful transformation and unlock the full potential of diversity.