About Me


I love social media because it mimics society. I believe that social media will be the catalysts for a new globally connected society. I am intrigued by the technology, and approach it with cautious indulgence, keeping the humanity closely interconnected. Very interested in helping others, I have periodically thrown charity events to benefit youth programs throughout San Diego, through a charitable organization that I started called Cause 2 Entertain. I am ultimately working toward finding a worthwhile endeavor that will enable me to combine my love of social media, with my passion for helping others, to create something positive that will benefit society in some small way. If you share my enthusiasm for helping others or are interested in partnering to accomplish something good, please contact me and let me know what you’re thinking.


I started my career in the internet industry in 1998. The tech boom had just began and I felt that my background in art was perfectly suited to create masterpieces for businesses using a new technology called web design. As CEO of my first start-up designing minds, I was able to acquire some big contracts. Some of my contracts included development work on the first virtual tour technology, web design for intuits first web site, and other web work for companies in the real estate industry such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21. Following the changing of the tide, in 2002 Designing Minds morphed from a web development company into a Search Engine Optimization company. In 2004 my world was forever altered with the advent of WordPress. From that day I have been a student of social media, the tools used to deploy it and the psychology behind it all.

In the last few years I have been privileged enough to be a featured speaker on social media strategy through partnership with my current company My Social Media Monster. Speaking engagements included workshops for small businesses with the SBA of San Diego and Citibank to name a few. Best of all, my philosophy of a lean and agile work environment has always kept me hands on and in touch with social media techniques. I am currently utilizing my social media skills as the Manager of social media at Geary LSF, a digital marketing agency in the heart of downtown San Diego. Accounts that I manage include Bumble Bee Tuna and WD 40.