4 Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page

social media how toWondering how to get more search visibility for your Facebook page? Looking for quick and easy tips to optimize your Facebook page?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways to start improving the visibility of your Facebook page.

4 Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page by Inna Yatsyna on Social Media Examiner.
4 Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Facebook Business Page by Inna Yatsyna on Social Media Examiner.

Why Should I Optimize My Facebook Business Page?

Facebook comprises more than 2.27 billion users. Such a significant number of users means businesses can’t afford to ignore the platform’s impact on their marketing strategies or their customers and consumers.

While it’s true that a Facebook page shouldn’t be used in place of a website, it’s important to remember that, like your website, your Facebook page can get ranked in Google search results.

Additionally, as more and more people use Facebook Search as a way to find posts or businesses to solve their problems or address their needs, the platform itself is working as a viable search channel.

How do you give your page and content the best chance at showing up for those Google and Facebook searches? By optimizing your Facebook presence in a similar way to how you would optimize a website.

Here’s how you can give your Facebook page and posts a competitive edge that increases your visibility in both Google and Facebook search results.

#1: Combine Your Business Name and Keyword for an Optimized Page Name

Choosing the right name for your Facebook business page is the first key to success. It’s important that you don’t confuse your Facebook username with your page’s name.

Your username is the unique identifier at the end of your Facebook URL and also shows under your page name preceded by the @ symbol. Your Facebook page name, on the other hand, is the title of your page and it’s what shows up in Facebook search results.

Example of the Facebook page named Floret Flower Farm in search results.

If your business has a unique identifier, doesn’t share a common word, or is an established brand, such as Ben & Jerry’s (the ice cream company), you can use your business name as the page name.

If, however, your business is new or niched, a more strategic approach is required. People who are researching a purchase online are more likely to use keywords instead of brand names when they perform a search.

Rather than relying solely on your actual business name for the name of your Facebook page, combine your business name with a keyword or keyword phrase that denotes the products or services your company provides to its customers.

For instance, if you have a daycare and preschool named Floret, it’s not the best idea to use only your business name as your Facebook business page name. Adding two keywords to your Facebook page name will help your page show up in related searches for your area.

Facebook pages search results for Floret.

While your page name should contain keywords to help people understand what kind of products or services you provide, you should optimize your username for easy recall.

Creating a username that is similar to your page name will help you strengthen your brand recognition. You can even capitalize letters to enhance the readability of the username if it contains more than one word.

Do you need to optimize either of these fields on your Facebook page? Fortunately, Facebook has a mechanism in place to let you change your page name and change your username.

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#2: Create Deliberate Search Snippets in Your About Section

When a person has newly discovered your brand and business, they don’t often know anything about you. That’s why you should fully complete all of the fields in your Facebook page’s About section.

But there’s another aspect of importance to completing the About section: The text you provide there can be used to form snippets that show up in both Facebook and Google search results.

To visualize this, a portion of the About section for the Postmates Facebook page includes the following helpful information in a format that’s easily converted to a snippet in search results.

About section for the Postmates Facebook page.

Here’s how that copy looks in a Google search result:

Postmates facebook page as a Google search result.

And here’s how it looks on Facebook:

Postmates Facebook page search description on Facebook.

#3: Complete All Page Info Details to Boost Visibility in Local Searches

Facebook about page search result for pizza.Facebook has significantly improved its search function and now reliably considers a user’s location when returning results for a search they’ve performed.

Moreover, Facebook has recently redesigned the mobile version of its platform to make local search more convenient for users.

This functionality is especially beneficial for small, local businesses.

To help Facebook index your Facebook page for local search results, fill in the country, city, address, and zip code fields.

Here’s an example of local results for a search for pizza:

Facebook search result for pizza.

#4: Include Keywords in Your Facebook Page Content

Once your Facebook page is optimized, you can extend optimization to your content.

As with any marketing initiative, part of your Facebook marketing strategy must be based in keyword research. It’s almost impossible to achieve results from organic or paid search efforts without knowing the words your potential customers use to search for the information you provide.

Once you know these words, you can focus on including those keywords in the posts you publish, the titles and descriptions of videos you upload, and the descriptions of images you share.

To illustrate, the Jamie Oliver video below does a great job of combining a humorous pun on the keyword ‘knead’ with a how-to phrase.

Search result for the phrases 'how to' and 'knead' in Facebook search.

Pro Tip: If you are using keywords that accurately apply to your business, but are struggling to use those keywords successfully, it may be that the competition for those keywords is too high. You need to find relevant keywords that aren’t being used too often and, therefore, give your Facebook page and content a better chance at ranking in search results.

MOZ’s Keyword Explorer can help you assess the competition for keywords you’re considering.


Your social media presence is an integral part of your digital marketing. Facebook is the first social platform for you to consider when planning your strategy. So, make sure your page is well-optimized if you want your content to be visible both in Facebook search and in search engines’ results.

What do you think? Which Facebook optimization steps do you consider the most important? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Discover four ways to optimize your Facebook page and content, and improve your visibility in search.

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