You’re using social media, now what! The first step to ROI, using Social Media

You’re using social media, now what! The first step to ROI, using Social Media


There I said it! Social Media can be used to deliver the ROI that your business desperately craves. However, in order to make this happen you must look at social media as not what it is but as something greater. I know, that sounds very cryptic, almost like a Chinese proverb. What I mean is that social media when properly integrated with other successful aspects of SEO, paid search, or email marketing can be an indispensable catalyst for generating revenue.

One of those aspects is the use of landing pages! A landing page is any page on your website that you direct visitors to that are searching online for your business. The use of landing pages is a tried and true technique of most SEO and Paid Search campaigns, to effectively track visitors. The biggest mistake made when using this technique is neglecting to organize your content in a way that consistently directs visitors to the content that they are searching for.

The landing page technique can be used just as effectively for social media as it is for other channels if you keep 3 things in mind.

1. Each linked content post should direct your fans to a page on your website with similar content.
2. The page itself should be social in nature, utilizing social widgets such as share buttons and fan counts.
3. Lastly, the page should include a call to action such as a download link, link to a product page or a contact form.

If you are a real estate agent that post frequent market updates, at some point you want to start directing readers of those post to a blog page with more information about the real estate market. Remember, visitors from social media are usually still in the research phase of the conversion funnel so sending them to a related blog post is usually a sound strategy. Once there they should be greeted by quality content and social components that reinforce why they came to this page to begin with. If your content is interesting, they should be more than happy to sign up for your upcoming seminar on market trends. Remember that this lead generating example started by offering quality information, not asking something of the reader.

For more steps on generating an ROI using social media check back soon or contact me today.

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