Making A Difference

This is a program that is dear to my heart because it involves kids and social media, two of my favorite things. It also is important to me because the main objective is to educate inner city children about emerging technologies and skills that they will need to succeed in the job market of the future. The program is in partnership with the Jackie Robinson YMCA of San Diego. We are currently in the process of developing the marketing pieces for the program. I am also looking for sponsor companies for participating groups as mentioned below. Although the funds needed to run the program initially will be negligible, I have started a KickStarter to raise funds to hopefully make it possible to offer this program anywhere there may be under-educated kids that can benefit. If you would like to get involved please contact me using the form to the right.

OVERVIEW – Social Now & Later


Ages:  14 – 18

Frequency: 1 Weekly

Duration: 3 Months

Time: 1 hour

Student Capacity: 20



Offer a technology class that allows youth to learn how to utilize an emerging technology. The students will use their own creativeness to compliment the online marketing goals of a socially conscious business. The students will be divided into groups, and each group will be responsible for accomplishing the following goals:  

  • Choose a social topic to promote that can be aligned with the mission statement of the YMCA.
  • Each group will create a social campaign with a goal of distributing content that will reflect the mission statement of the YMCA, the student group and the sponsor company.
  • Create an entity and develop a brand logo and a social campaign for their entity/social cause.
  • Create a social media presence that reflects the goals of their newly created entity.
  • Each group will reach out to businesses with a similar mission statement to acquire a sponsor for their group.
  • Each group will create, distribute, manage and track content via Social Media.
  • Each group will give a presentation of their success at the conclusion of the program reflecting the skills they learned and how they will advance the message of their chosen social cause.

Each student will receive a participant certification signed by the program instructor (Shawn McClondon), the sponsor company, the host company and the YMCA, which can be used to add to your professional resume.