How to Support the Entrepreneur In Your Life or Office

How to Support the Entrepreneur In Your Life or Office

How to support an entrepreneur

Most people are or will be guilty of hurling a disparaging remark like entrepreneur equals unemployed, stop dreaming, or get a job to an individual who’s only crime is passionately pursuing their life goals. Some people may even believe that being an entrepreneur is a mental illness that should be irradicated from the earth. For a young and not yet accomplished entrepreneur life can be very challenging. It is very challenging to live a life, where you see things differently than 99.9% of the population. The difficulty is only compounded by the fact that the mainstream perception is that without accomplishment, your very thought process must be flawed and will never lead to success. You must constantly defend your beliefs to family, friends and others who believe as most others do.

It is very easy to look at the success of a Steve jobs at the height of apple and assume that he must have been different, that he was touched by god and every idea that he had was destined for greatness. On the contrary, Steve Jobs was a college drop out that started his first business in his mother’s garage. Imagine if Steve Jobs had given up. Imagine if he had just decided to do what I’m sure everyone was telling him to do which was just get a job! Most every successful entrepreneur that I have ever spoken to or read about has a similar story. The common thread with most entrepreneurs that achieve success is that they never gave up or stopped believing in themselves amidst great societal pressures. Even though you may not agree with the mindset, being supportive could turn out to be the best thing that you ever do.

How to support your entrepreneur at home

You should start by understanding that your entrepreneur is not crazy and embrace the very positive outlook on life that drives most entrepreneurs. A true entrepreneur simply has an unwavering belief in themselves and the expectations that they have for their lives. Most entrepreneurs are driven by either competition, a strong desire to change their circumstances or a fear of failure. Identifying the driving force behind your entrepreneur and feeding into it as much as possible could prove to be what they need to turn the corner.

How to support your entrepreneur at work

Firstly, never higher an entrepreneur if the person that he will be reporting to is not secure in themselves or their abilities. This can become a combustible situation if your entrepreneur decides to assert himself, which is likely to happen in most cases. A smart entrepreneur understands that learning from someone that they respect for their experience, skill set, intelligence or overall leadership can be invaluable. Lastly, keeping your entrepreneur challenged and engaged in the process will keep them from becoming restless.

If you would like to show support for a young entrepreneur today, you can help me make a difference.

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